Hey everyone, hope you’re good and enjoying the weather, where ever you may be at this moment. So for today I want to write a short post on Vienna.

So, let’s go!

The First Time in Vienna…

There was only one word in my mind and that was ‘grand’. For me, I thought it was a bit too grand, a little intimidating actually.

I felt small even though I have been to bigger cities than Vienna.  Then again for a country that has such a long and rich history, I guess it needs to be a bit over the top.

However, I did meet a lot of people who like Vienna that way. Each to their own I guess.

Info on Vienna

In the main city areas, you will see most of the buildings are impressively design, along with big statues. On the roof of a building, next to a building, or in a square, just almost everywhere lets just say.

Getting around isn’t hard as the city has a well connect tram and bus network so there’s not much walking involved. Unless you want to!?!

So what to do in Vienna?

Vienna is best enjoyed for its arts, there are a mixture museums, galleries, classical music and Opera. Of course the city is known to be quiet expensive.

So if you was to save a few pennies but still want to enjoy the finer things the city has to offer. I would say go to Vienna State Opera where you can see a show on most nights for about 4 euro.

Of course that does mean you have to stand and spaces are limited. So you will have to arrive early and remember to wear comfy shoes as you will be standing for about two hours if not more.

I was quiet fortunate, during my stay I was able to get myself in and saw a ballet performance called Raymonda. Although the style is a bit different from what I have seen before,

I have to say it was brilliant!!

There was good music, lots of dancing, the story was a tad hard to follow but more than made up for it in price.

Plus the building inside is just wonderful to look at, usually you pay about 4 euros just to get in a historical building.

So it’s a must do if you ever in Vienna.

If ballet is not your thing then maybe horses are!?! There is the Spanish Riding School, supposedly very famous.

Here you can see the riders on their horses practicing for the shows. If you here on a certain days you can also watch the actual shows.

Of course me being me and don’t like to spending money. I went to see the horses practices. Thinking it was a rehearsal for the actual show, just without the trimmings.

Since it cost about 15 euros, I thought it was a bargain. So I shown up early, got my ticket and ended up standing as a tin of sardines. As everyone else was way earlier than me!! 

Thinking that it didn’t matter as I was going to watch a show but was I disappointed. Instead of a rehearsal to a show, it was more of a warm up for the horses.

So unless you really like to watch horses then I would put the money to better use or even use it to get a tour of the riding school instead.

Hey! You’ve reach to the end of this post, I hope you have found it useful.

Tell me, what do you think, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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