Travel to Gothenburg, especially for autumn as the Scandinavian city is just beautiful to see.

Sweden was actually a country I needed to go through so I could get to Norway. However, that does not mean I didn’t find anything wonderful here.

I have to say, I didn’t meet much of the local people like I would normally do when I travel to a new place. But when I did, I would say the people of Sweden are very nice.

If you looked lost, they would stop and check if you are ok, or if you ask for help, they would search high and low for the answer needed.




What To Do In Gothenburg?

If you’re ever in Gothenburg, Sweden and you love nature, then you must to visit Slottsskogen and the Botanical Garden.

In the autumn, both are very beautiful places and there are quite close to each other, about one or two tram stops apart, in central city.

Its great a day out for all, young and old.


Originally used for pasture in the 17th century, it belonged to existing castle, Älvsborgs Slott. The name Slottsskogen came to be in the 18th century when the middle-class had gained access to the land.

As the city grew, the need for recreational space also grew so no long was it just for the middle-class.

The park officially opened in 1874, taking inspiration from the Hyde Park in London and the Skansen park in Stockholm. Slottsskogen is known to be one of the favourite places in Gothenburg and it’s not hard to see why.




Slottsskogen is compress of 137 hectares of park/forest, it has a wide range of activities: from a pond full of seals and wild elk to frisbee golf.

There is also an observatory (but I couldn’t find it through). You can do as much as you want or nothing at all and the best of all, the park is free.





Gothenburg’s Botanical Garden…

Is known to be one of the larger botanic gardens in Europe with a massive 175 hectares and about 40 hectares are cultivated. The garden said to have about 15,000 species and cultivars (varieties) are cultivated.

Offering a vast and impressive collection of plants and flowers. In the garden, there is the Rhododendron Valley, the Japanese Glade, the Rockgarden with its waterfall and greenhouses, along with 4,000 various species and cultivars, including some 1,500 orchids.







In 2003 the garden was appointed “The most beautiful park in Sweden”. The employees were also presented with both Swedish and international marks of distinction.

The botanical garden has about 500,000 visitors per year making it the foremost tourist attrac­tion in Sweden.

The admission to the Botanical Gardens is free but I think the admission to the greenhouses is 20 SEK.






If you go to the top of the garden on a clear day, you can see an awesome view of the whole city.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Gothenburg and I hope it has inspired you for your next travel.

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