Croatia, home to eight national parks, beautiful coasts, historical sites, traditional towns, tasty foods and even a sea organ!

Perfect for adventure travellers, who love to explore, hike, swim, scuba dive or just relaxing on the beach!

The country has retained a lot of its traditional architecture, walking through the towns, you will always be able to see old buildings from generations ago, standing proudly to guard the generation to come.

Introducing Croatia

The country’s main form of transport are buses. It’s not the cheapest compare to other European countries but reasonable.

Just beware not everyone speaks English. However, if you’re in a bit of a jam, they will go out of their way to help you.

It is worth noting currently, Croatian currency is Kuna and not the Euro (but that may change in the future), even though it is part of the EU.

Credit cards are accepted but not everyone takes cards, usually there is a cash point near supermarkets and supermarkets are everywhere.

So you don’t have to worry about money or going hungry!

My Time In Croatia

Originally, Croatia was not on my list as a place to visit.

It didn’t even occurred to me, till I got suck, due to heavy snow fall and was told traveling to Romania was not possible. Which turn out to be the best thing that happen as I would have missed out on a fantastic country.

During my time here, I visited four cities; Zagreb, Zadar, Sibenik and Split. In which I will write a little bit on each cities showing this country’s little treasures.

In this post, I will start with Zagreb only.

For the other cities click on the city’s name in the above links.


Known to have a rich historical and cultural heritage with parks, theatres, museums and galleries.

However, what  attracted me the most in the capital was the food culture from its cafes, restaurant, bars and marketplaces.

I won’t say the food itself is local tradition but you are differently spoiled for choice as there are so many outlets just within walking distance.

Everything here is just so nice, especially the desserts, I just can’t get enough!

Zagreb itself isn’t very big, you can more or less walk everywhere. There’s also a tram line if you’re traveling with luggage or just lazy like me.

The Must Do…

Especially, if you are pressing for time. Go and visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, listed in UNESCO’s Register of World Natural Heritage and it’s not hard to see why.

The park is made of sixteen lakes, connected to numerous waterfalls, large and smaller. The area is surrounded by forests and is home to many animal species.

So what are you waiting for? Put Plitvice Lakes on your list!

Plitvice is perfect for walkers, hikers and nature lovers alike. Plus if you go off season you get to see the waterfall iced up and snow everywhere.

As you can see most of the lakes are frozen in the park.

The park can be done as a day trip from the capital. its just one bus ride and you’re there! The bus goes from the main bus station at Zagreb, you can purchase the tickets on the day but to avoid disappointment,

I would recommend you to book in advance.

Tickets to the park itself can be purchase at the entrance. The prices changes according the season, last I checked, one day, adult tickets are as follows (if not changed since):

55 kuna (8 USD) in winter; 110 kuna (16 USD) in Apr-June and Sep-Oct; and 180 kuna (26 USD) in July and August.

One thing to remember, the park is very big, even with some parts of it was closed due to the heavy snow fall, we only cover very little of the park.

That itself took all day to explore (plus we were taking a lot of photos). So make sure you get there early and take the last bus back if you want to see as much as possible.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that it has inspired you for your next travels.

Tell me, what do you think, I would love to hear your thoughts.

To read more about the Croatia click here. Or if you want to know more about Europe click here.

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Till next time, friends!!

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