Hello! It’s Nice To Meet You!

I’m Judy, also known as @discoversnapgo.

I am a UK adventurer, traveler blogger with a love interest in photography. 

As much as I love to travel, I only do it part-time but I do try to travel as much as possible.

Saying that though, my first solo travel wasn’t until I was in my 20s. 

It was a tour trip to Japan which I loved! As, growing up, I watched way too much Japan anime/movies. So the Japanese culture fascinated me from an early age. 

Thinking back now, the trip wasn’t really that much of a cultural trip. The tour group I went with, just took us to the normal tourist hotspots, to buy things.

But back then it was a very big deal for me. To be able to visit a country that I’ve only ever seen on TV. It was like a dream come true. 

Since then, I have done a few solo backpacking trips to; Australia, Europe, South America and of course to Japan minus tour group.

It was after my Europe trip, that I decided to create this website to share my adventure stories.  I had hoped it will inspire you and anyone who is interested in travelling, to have a place to start from.

Allowing you to discover new places to experience; the culture, the food, the people and all the amazing things from traveling. 

Here in my blog, you will find all my tips & tricks on travel and photos.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a message.

See you soon!!!

Love Judy xxx